Hail Damage on Vinyl Siding: What You Need to Do ASAP


Hail damage costs homeowners millions of dollars annually. While roofs are often the first consideration for repairs, hail damage on vinyl siding can cause ongoing issues and be more difficult to detect. As hail damage on vinyl siding can be difficult to detect, some may disregard the need for repairs. 

And as you can guess, neglecting repairs from hail damage can snowball into much more expensive repairs later.

Water damage, rot and mold, pests entering your home, as well as lost heating and cooling from inefficient insulation are among some of the consequences of stalling on your siding repairs

So how do you evaluate your home for damages, and what are the steps that you should take to repair them? Read on to find out more.

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for exterior finishes. It offers many benefits over traditional wood siding, such as:

  • Low maintenance
  • Durability
  • Choice of color and trim options
  • Sustainable and lower-cost than other sidings on the market

While vinyl is an attractive choice, it is still susceptible to hail damage, especially in regions prone to many storms in a season.

Evaluating Your Home for Damages

The older the vinyl siding, the more vulnerable it is to damages. Siding that has been exposed to the elements, such as UV rays from the sun on a south-facing wall, are also at higher risk to bad damage from hail. 

Inspect your home's siding for:

  • Cracks which usually look semi-circular, and run parallel to the paneling
  • Holes, as larger hail stones are capable of punching straight through vinyl siding
  • Chips, both in the paint and in the siding itself

Along with hail damage, wind damage to siding is also a consideration when inspecting your home. 

Take extensive pictures of the siding damage. This will aid you in filing a claim with your insurance. Make sure the pictures are time-stamped. 

Don't attempt repairs yourself. Vinyl siding, while relatively low-maintenance, requires specialized experience to repair or replace correctly. Don't create a larger problem for yourself down the road! 

Next Step: Insurance or Contractor? 

Your next consideration is to file a claim with your home insurance company. However, obtaining an estimate first will make this process much smoother. 

Finding the right contractor after storm damage is important. A reliable and experienced contractor can often provide a free estimate on vinyl siding repairs or replacements. 

This estimate can then be taken to your insurance company, who will evaluate your case and pay out reimbursement for the damages. 

Getting multiple estimates from competing contractors can also help you shop around for the best price on your repairs. 

Looking For A Contractor To Repair Hail Damage on Vinyl Siding? 

If you are looking for a contractor in the Spring City, PA area, look no further than Favinger Contracting. Not only can we repair hail damage on vinyl siding, but we offer a full suite of interior and exterior renovation options

For more pictures and information, follow us on our social media pages, and feel free to give us a call at 610-970-2288. 


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